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Summer Council Meeting Shines a Spotlight on Needs and Opportunities in Rural Communities

On July 19, representatives from our 19 member agencies convened for our summer Council meeting.

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A Personal Reflection on the Role I Must Play to Help Advance Racial Equity

Director of Finance and Administration Darren Franklin reflects on his role in advancing racial equity within USICH and across his sphere of influence.

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How to Start Addressing Racial Disparities in Your Community

These considerations and resources may be used for communities' efforts to address racial disparities in the work to end homelessness.

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The Value of Lived Experience in the Work to End Homelessness

A fellow at a Washington, DC, non-profit shares the value in centering people with lived experience in the work to prevent and end homelessness.

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Systems Change: Addressing Racial Disparity by Putting Theory into Practice

We explore how lessons learned from anti-racist initiatives may be used to inform and guide systems change efforts to address the over-representation of people of... Continue Reading →

Extending our Successes with Diversion to Help Families Quickly Exit Homelessness

A pilot program in Washington State explores ways that diversion techniques can  be applied to help families exit homelessness quickly, safely and simply.

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Coalition Brings Together Partners to Reduce Homelessness Among American Indians/Alaska Natives

American Indians/Alaska Natives are disproportionately affected by homelessness, yet they are least likely to be referred to or accepted into housing programs. Colleen Ecohawk, Director of the Chief... Continue Reading →

Rural Communities and the 100-Day Challenges on Youth Homelessness: What Comes Next?

After 100-Day Challenge to build a better coordinated community response, rural communities focus on strategies for sustainability.

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New Report Offers Ways to Build Better Connections Between Workforce and Homelessness Services

A new report explains how stronger linkages between workforce and homelessness services means a better overall response system.  

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Strengthening Partnerships Between Education and Homelessness Services

With its comprehensive reach across urban, suburban, and rural communities alike, the education system can play a pivotal role in preventing experiences of homelessness, providing critical school-based supports to... Continue Reading →