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Mayors Continue to Lead the Charge

After spending time recently with mayors from across the nation, Executive Director Matthew Doherty reflects on their unwavering commitment to progress despite the tough issues facing their communities.

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HHS: Supporting Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness

Former USICH detailee and current project officer with HRSA, Kent Forde, shares the accomplishments of HHS in the work to end homelessness and meet the goals of Opening... Continue Reading →

Homeward Bound: Jennifer Ho Reflects on Her Service

HUD's Jennifer Ho, senior advisor to the Secretary, and former deputy director of USICH, reflects on her work and the progress she's witness in ending homelessness over... Continue Reading →

Setting the Course for the Work Ahead: Findings and Implications from Recent Reports and Data

Data is central to all the decisions we make as a Council to advance progress toward ending homelessness in our country. Matthew Doherty explores the latest data releases and... Continue Reading →

Six Tools to Help You Continue to Drive Progress in Ending Homelessness

The National Initiatives team works directly with communities every day to implement the systems changes necessary to drive progress on ending homelessness. Here are some of the tools that... Continue Reading →

Eight States Lead the Way – Breaking the Path for Health and Housing System Integration

Eight states lead the way in building partnerships between state Medicaid and Housing agencies, driving efforts to expand the availability of supportive housing.

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Council Discusses Sustaining Momentum, Planning for Incoming Administration

We held our third Council meeting of 2016 on Tuesday, October 18 to discuss sustaining the progress and momentum we've seen on ending homelessness and ensuring continued implementation of... Continue Reading →

Why We Must Address Racial Inequity in our Efforts to End Homelessness

Amanda Andere, CEO of Funders Together to End Homelessness, reflects on racial inequity in homelessness and why we need to have more conversations to lead... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence Service Providers: Key Partners in Preventing and Ending Homelessness

Throughout Domestic Violence Awareness Month and every day, we stand with the victims and survivors of domestic violence and recognize the tireless efforts of the advocates, service providers, and... Continue Reading →

Asking the Right Questions about Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement has been in the news a lot recently for its perceived potential to quickly house individuals experiencing homelessness, particularly in communities where there is an... Continue Reading →