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USICH Staff Updates

At USICH, our team of expert staff is our biggest asset. Keep up to date on these changes:

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Using Shelter Strategically to End Homelessness

If used well, shelter can be a great tool to end homelessness. Regional Coordinator Katy Miller introduces four things to consider as you assess the effectiveness of shelter... Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Talked the Walk on Housing First

Three pieces of advice from Deputy Director Richard Cho on how we can “talk the walk” on Housing First.

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Strengthening our Systems, Improving our Practices, Sharpening our Thinking

USICH Executive Director Matthew Doherty reflects on how our conversations must drive actions needed to seize the historic opportunities we have in front of us, this year and... Continue Reading →

Driving Progress in the Year Ahead: Our Top Priorities for 2016

We know what it will take to end homelessness in our country. We've outlined our top priorities for 2016 to get us closer than ever before.

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Your Participation in the Point-in-Time Count is Crucial to Ending the Crisis of Homelessness

As point-in-time counts take place across the country over the next week, Executive Director Matthew Doherty reflects on the importance of counting people experiencing homelessness and the amazing... Continue Reading →

In Our Drive to End Homelessness, We Are All Colleagues

Reflecting on the monumental work done over the last year, Bev Ebersold, Director of National Initiatives, shares her thoughts on the importance of partnerships and the critical role partners... Continue Reading →

Sustaining our Data-Driven Focus: Findings and Implications of Recent Data Releases

Data can help drive progress - if we use it well and wisely. That's true for communities and it is true for the multiple interagency working groups USICH... Continue Reading →

We Can Break the Cycle of Homelessness and Criminal Justice System Involvement

For too many people, the experience of homelessness involves police encounters, lockups, courts, or jail and prison cells as much as it does shelter beds. Some people are caught... Continue Reading →

Proving the Case that We Can and Must End Homelessness

Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices our service members have made for us, and what we owe them for that sacrifice. I think I speak... Continue Reading →